How Can Disability Home Care Help Me?

Disability home care is designed to help someone living with a disability complete day-to-day tasks in their home, working towards building independence. Your home care support worker will be carefully chosen to be compatible with your needs. They will work closely with you to understand and learn your home duties, interests and goals, so you can work together to build your skills and live as independently as possible.

Your needs are always our main priority at Bila Counselling and Support Services, so home care services are available on weekdays, after hours, and on weekends.

What Services Are Included In Disability Home Care?

Our disability home care services include:

  • Personal Care and Support:
    Showering, dressing, grooming and continence management
  • Domestic Support:
    Cleaning, laundry services, gardening, and light home maintenance
  • Meal Preparation:
    Assisting with meals and grocery shopping
  • Use of Assistive Technology:
    Such as aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices
  • Additional Services:
    You can also access services including community participation, therapy, accommodation, and support coordination.
  • Bila Counselling and Support Services offers community participation support and in-home care to NDIS participants. If you do not have an NDIS plan and live with a disability, please reach out to our expert team to assist you with information about the application process.

    Community Participation

    Why Is NDIS Community Participation Important?

    Community participation using NDIS services helps participants develop a greater sense of independence and inclusion. As stated by the NDIS, addressing the lower levels of community participation amongst people with disabilities can improve well- being and lessen the amount of long-term care and costs associated with it. At Bila, we are focused on your goals and interests.

    Developing A Community Participation Plan:

    At Bila Counselling and Support Services, we work closely with you to develop your community participation plan, ensuring you will be involved in activities you enjoy and are interested in. These activities can include various things, from learning a new skill to being accompanied to the movies.

    Our support is customised to build our client’s ability to participate in the community. We assist in participating in training and education, engaging in social and recreational activities, and developing skills for employment. Our clients are encouraged to connect with community organisations, groups, and clubs that align with their personal lifestyles, goals, and interests.

    At Bila, we aim to provide the most comprehensive community participation disability services. Contact our friendly team today if you’re interested in getting started or learning more.

    Contact us today if you want to know more about our community participation support and in-home disability care!

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